TIME-10 was started by Tim Sharp in 1992. Tim had an art school education in York, then did a few years as a shop window display artist and manager before deciding to go back into education for a professional qualification.


Taking A-levels in Harrogate and a degree in London, he graduated with a Bsc honours in Architecture in 1980.


His interest in computers started during his degree course, his office links company marketing one of the first architectural CAD systems in the world.


After graduating he began a career in computers using various CAD systems. By 1988 he was a full time CAD programmer. Unfortunately the company he was working for in 1992 went into receivership so Tim started TIME-10.


TIME-10 then concentrated on program design for manufacturing companies, using Hewlett Packard's ME10 CAD system. As well as work for many different companies, he programmed the whole Construction Industry suite for ME10 marketed by CSC in Leeds.

In 1995 he created the first TIME-10 web site, and web design services have become the main part of the business since then. Tim's wife Sarah has run mail order companies for the last 8 years.