ME10 is CoCreate's 2D CAD program - CoCreate is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard. ME10 is highly customisable and we have been programming it since 1988 with experience on all current platforms, handling large or small projects.
We offer training geared to the needs of each individual customer - and can tutor for specific macro projects.
Our ME10 support service is well respected.
We keep up to date with the latest version of ME10, testing beta versions and incorporating new functionality into our macros.

Why Macros?

Macros are about saving you TIME and MONEY.
Macros can do just about anything. If you have a procedure for doing something, you can be sure macros will make the task quicker and easier with less chance of mistakes.
We produce macros ranging from the simplest menu customisations to the most complex programs to automatically draw, keep track of and process the data in any way required.

Examples of our past (and ongoing) work:-

  • Semi-automatic scheduling of curtain walling and windows
  • Macros to draw steel bridges
  • Automatic drawing of Steelwork GA's
  • Macros for drawing and scheduling cold rolled sections
  • Macros for drawing and takeoff of reinforced concrete
  • Macros for detailing trusses for new Hong Kong Convention centre
  • Poly hatching macro to allow drawings to be used as hatching instead of just straight lines
  • Font creation macros
  • Responsibility for complete suite of macros for major ME10 VAR for the last 7 years:-
    1. Complete steelwork sections (UK, European, GB, US  & Japanese)
    2. Steel Fittings with hole groups
    3. Grid layouts
    4. Steel Listing
    5. Beam and Column Detailing
    6. Concrete Layouts
    7. Reinforced Concrete detailing
    8. NC takeoff of Rolled steel and flat sections
    9. Hip rafters
    10. Haunches
    11. Tube to tube connections
    12. Welding Symbols
    13. Improved mouse interface (can still be used with Version 9 in PE look).
  • We've even produced a macro to draw 'Astro-Numerology' charts for a local customer, though it failed to predict his own future accurately!

If you have an ME10 requirement, ring Tim Sharp on 01677 470014 or email

A few Tips for macro programmers

A couple of useful little macros:-

delete_ltab_column - This adds a missing command to ME10's logical table functions

input_ltab - This overcomes the current problems with inputting files in macros. Using this, you can input any ltab into memory and use its data within the same macro. Note that the version 8 qualifier to the input command - immediate, does not work properly, so this macro is still useful!


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