E-commerce has been the major part of our work right from when we did our first site for a customer in 1998.

Our latest e-commerce websites use our e-system Content Management database system that enables you the client to add, remove and edit products directly from your web browser, even allowing you to update web pages without affecting the visual structure of the website. e-system has a host of features and can even cope with products that have several sets of options and prices (e.g. colour, size, weight etc.). With inventory control, order tracking, sale prices, FAQ creator, wholesale facilities and gift registry being just a few of them, it has everything an e-commerce site needs for many years to come and is very affordable.

Our shopping cart system works seamlessly with the product database. It collects customer details on a secure server, it emails you with the what the customer has ordered, then you collect the full order, with the credit card details from the secure server, using your existing credit card merchant account to process the card. Increasingly, banks prefer you to use a Payment Gateway to charge customer credit cards and the shopping cart interfaces with almost all the leading payment gateways, enabling you to take orders online without having to collect payments yourself. In this case you still get the order email, but as the payment has already been collected, you just have to pack and send it, after checking that your Payment gateway has collected the funds of course.

For a demonstration, click here

There are links to some of our websites from the See Our Web Sites link on the menu. Remember thought that these sites are live, not demonstration sites.


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