Our specialist search engine services include the following:
  • Evaluation. We can check out your current web site to see how well it is actually doing now on the major search engines for the keywords and phrases you want people to find you on.
  • Research. We can work with you to find the best keywords for you to use on your website based on the number of times people actually search on them, their relevance and whether they are specific to your business.
  • Optimised Pages. Many current websites, because of all the flashy graphics or even just functional background programming for features such as menus, date displays, search facilities and news tickers are very search engine unfriendly. This means that most search engines will not be see the relevance of a page for your chosen keywords because there is so much background programming competing with the actual content of the page. TIME-10 specialise in creating special optimised pages. These look similar to a normal page on the website and have links to several other pages on the websites, but they are optimised to the hilt for just a few carefully researched keywords, and the pages have very little background programming so the search engines can see the relevance of the page to the subject matter. Please note we will not create pages intended to mislead, or what Google call doorway pages - these used to be good for rankings but can now hinder them.
  • Paid Rankings. The two major players in this market either use a system where you bid against others or you are told what you must pay to get positions. These work by elevating your website to the sponsored listings box at the top of many search engines results. If you have bid more than anyone else for a chosen keyword, your site will be at the top of the sponsored list box. If your bid is not within the top 3 or 4, you will appear in the box less often or be on a second or third page of results. You pay what you have bid for the keyword only when someone clicks through to your website. This makes it very important of course that you have targeted the right keywords and that you don't attract people to click on your website who are not interested in your specific product or service. For example, if you sell sticky labels, you don't want people interested in record labels clicking through to your site because you targeted the word 'labels' - you have to be specific. Getting us to help set up your paid ranking campaign leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best - your business.