We register domains for our clients and manage them. This generally means just making sure the DNS details are correct for the web server used (e.g. so that actually goes to the time 10 web space and not some domain registrars holding page) and that they are not allowed to expire while the customer requires them.
We of course offer advice on the best domain names and check what is available to register.
Web Hosting
Every website we host has comprehensive statistics provided by Webalizer or Modlogan. These include such things as hits per month, per day, which pages were viewed and what search engines the hits came from, including the search terms used to find the web site.
We usually manage the hosting ourselves, making changes quickly as customers require them, but we can also offer web hosting that is fully controllable by the customer, using a browser based management console to control every feature, for those who feel confident!
Website Design
Our websites range from simple web presence sites, to e-commerce sites selling hundreds of products.
We take the same care whatever the size of the site and make sure they are fast loading, stylish, easy to use and navigate. We have taken a lot of trouble to find the best solutions to every feature we put in our websites, from the floating menu system to the shopping cart, and have many years of experience in mail order and retailing so we know both the best ways to present products and all the extra things you need to know to sell online.
Our sites are nearly always "search engine friendly", meaning they are not cluttered with too much javascript code and Flash graphics, and do not use frames.

Our e-commerce system is one of the easiest to use and requires no expensive initial purchase. It comes in a free version for clients who do not have a large number of orders to process, and a very reasonable subscription version which allows orders to be retrieved in batches, amongst other features.
Orders are confirmed to the customer and our clients by email and you can try out the e-commerce system in its free version here.
Our e-system database is a complete site Content Management system and allows you to maintain your products and even update the pages of your site from your web browser

Our photography for websites ranges from normal product and premises pictures, to panorama and 360 degree views. Some of our earlier photos are on this site in the images section, our virtual tours are explained here and others can be found on our websites from the See our Websites link on the menu.
Search Engine Work
The most effective way to get visitors to your your website is to mail out hundreds of thousands of catalogues or advertise prominently in the press and media. But realistically, for the smaller company, investment in Search Engine work is one of the most cost effective way to get hits. Big companies also of course spend big money on search engines, but here at least, you don't have to spend a fortune to get results. We offer a complete service for anyone who wants more exposure on the search engines. See our search engine page for details.
Website Management
Using a reliable supplier should be top of your list when shopping for a web designer. Many of our customers have told us their tales of woe about their previous web designers - sometimes opportunists cashing in on the web boom of a few years ago who disappeared when times got tougher, or larger companies who give your their service well during the build of the website, then don't want to know you afterwards.
Our commitment to our customers is the most important thing to us. We do our utmost to make sure that we give customers what they want and advise on the course of action that is best for them. We do not forget our customers when their website is finished and will, as times change, make suggestions as to how to take advantage of new situations. Offering a complete web design service as we do, you need never deal with another supplier and we do our utmost not to let you down.
Reducing Your Costs and increasing sales - a different way.
We know that some companies don't want to budget or cannot afford to spend many thousands of pounds on their websites, then have to keep paying to keep them up to date. We assess customers individually and sometimes we may offer a different kind of partnership, one we have found to be very successful in both keeping costs down and in maximising income from a website. Are you intrigued? Click here for details.