TIME-10  Websites range from simple web presence sites to e-commerce sites selling thousands of products. Our web design roots are in e-commerce and because of our mail order and retail experience, we know how to create websites that work.

Many web designers think that having lots of Flash graphics, moving images and javascripts is the best way to do websites. These all come with overheads though - you pay more for all the extra work involved in the flashy graphics, they take longer to load into people's browsers and (a very important consideration) - search engines find them very difficult to read, so they are much less likely to get good positions when people search for your products or services. We do not add extras to sites when they don't serve a useful purpose and we never do a whole site in Flash.

Our sites are all designed specifically for our customers. We strive to make each one attractive, fast loading, well set out with good navigation and with the client company's image reflected in the site.


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